Mason & Dixon p. 263

Greenwood Village, Colorado on a Sunday in March

“As to journey west,” adds the Rev’d helpfully, “in the same sense as the Sun, is to live, raise Children, grow older, and die, carried along by the Stream of Day,– whilst to turn Eastward, is somehow to resist time and age, to work against the Wind, seek ever the dawn, even, as who can say, defy Death.”

Mason & Dixon p. 195

Greenwood Village, CO on a Sunday in January

“His Lordship, as Mason relates, requir’d a People who liv’d in quite another relation to Time,– one that did not, like our own, hold at its heart the terror of Time’s passage,– far more preferably, Indifference to it, pure and transparent as possible. The Verbs of their language no more possessing tenses, than their Nouns Case-Endings,– for these People remain’d as careless of Sequences in Time as disengaged from Subjects, Objects, Possession, or indeed anything which might among Englishmen require a Preposition.”